Sunday, 23 September 2012

Random Photographs

Here are just some random images i've taken in my spare time.

Video with Scanography

After development i made a video with scanography for my open brief. here is a link to my video! check it out!


For my open brief assignment in Uni, i wasnt sure which genre i wanted to explore, therefore i looked back at things i'd done at college and decided to re-visit collage. here is an image i made out of my first year work.

Street Style Fashion Images

These images I took whilst walking around Preston stopping people and asking them to take their photograph. I aimed for people who's style interested me or whose personality I thought showed well.
During my second year i decided to experiment more with different genres of photography, therefore I went to a nature reserve in the North East called Preston Park to shoot some landscape images.
I was happy with the way these images turned out, visually, however i was critized in my work for lack of concept. so i will try to work on this in future.

Documenting Preston

It's been a while since I updated my blog, so i'll be posting some of the work I did in second year uni, i have just gone into my third year. Here is some shots I took just walking around documenting Preston.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Recreating A Painting.

I was asked by 3 Fashion Promotion Student's if I would shoot there advertisement for them. Their idea was recreating a painting by Emile Friant. For the shoot they wanted a warm glow in the images and weren't allowed the use of Photoshop. To do this I changed my White Balance in the camera. Overall I think we were very sucessfull as there are a lot of similarities in the image but the image also looks very contemporary. I really enjoyed working with the fashion students and hope to collaborate again in the future.

In the image you can see the original painting in the top left corner.